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School Transport

Scotchrita Brown-Elliston is our contact at Southwark Transport. Scothcrita’s telephone number is 020 7525 5209.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please inform transport before 8am ( Southwark 020 7703 6180) so that the bus route can be amended.

For students using home to school transport, your LA transport department will contact you before the start of the term to tell you your pick up and drop off times.

Bus passenger assistants (PAs) are not allowed to leave the bus, to escort students to and from homes or across the roads. This is because of their duties to care to all pupils.

Please note that school transport will not collect students from after school clubs held at Spa.

Independent Travel Training

Being able to travel independently is an aspiration for many of our pupils. In Key Stage 4, pupils have road safety lessons as part of the PSHE curriculum.  Those that are able to have sessions on the Southwark Travel Training Bus with their classmates.  Pupils in Key Stage 5 when accessing the community are challenged to plan trips using the TfL website and practice safe travel skills on buses and tubes as well as consolidating their road awareness and stranger danger awareness.

We celebrate road safety week in Key Stage 3 and 4 in November with activities across the curriculum.

Families who wish their child to access the independent travel training program through Southwark should contact Tanika Williams-Platt.

Travel Training



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