• happiness, safety and wellbeing
  • independence
  • communication skills
  • readiness for the future.

The Spa Curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. It is personalised and matched to the individual needs of each pupil as they move through each Key Stage. All pupils work towards targets identified in their EHCPs and Individual Education Plans. The Spa Curriculum allows every pupil to leave with accredited qualifications matched to their needs and interests.

Key elements of our curriculum include:

  • engaging and appropriate lessons
  • specialist teaching developing Social Communication skills
  • support for sensory needs
  • personalised learning programmes based on individualised targets and goals
  • development of individual talents
  • teaching self-advocacy
  • teaching life-skills and preparing for life after Spa.

The enjoyment and development of individual talents and interests sits at the heart of the curriculum. Every pupil is given opportunities through our Enrichment Programme.

Use the links to the left to find out about our curriculum. You are also welcome to contact the headteacher or deputy to find out more about our cirriculum.

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