Assessment at Spa School

Pupils make excellent progress at Spa. We know because we have created an assessment package with many different elements that measures the progress and development of the whole student. This allows us to develop a deep knowledge of each student’s progress at an incredibly individual level.  We are careful to use assessments that help pupils to embed knowledge and to transfer what they have learnt to practical, real life situations.  Our assessments help teachers produce clear next steps for each pupil.  Parents and carers are involved in many stages of the assessment process, helping us to develop a clear picture of each pupil’s strengths and needs outside of the school environment.

We use the following assessment tools to assess the progress of our students:

Earwig Assessment   

Used to measure the progress that students make across the National Curriculum in English and Maths and to record pupil progress in every lesson.    

IEP Targets  

Students are set IEP targets to address their communication, independence and aspiration goals.  These are personal to each student and draw upon outcomes in students' EHC plans.

EHCP outcomes

Earwig is used to demonstrate progress towards EHCP Outcomes.  Short term outcomes are written and assessed, showing progress towards medium and long term outcomes.

Speech and Language Targets  

Set by our Speech and Language therapists, shared with class teams and reviewed regularly.

Occupational Therapist Targets

Set by our Occupational Therapists, shared with class teams and reviewed regularly.

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