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Welcome to Spa School. Spa is an Outstanding (Ofsted 2015) Special School for students aged 11-19. Spa Bermondsey provides excellence in education for pupils with autism.

Our pupils will:

  • be happy, safe and healthy,
  • develop communication skills,
  • develop independence while learning and achieving,
  • be ready for the future.

We are really proud of our students and our school. We support all our students to reach their full academic, creative and personal potential. We bring out the best in all of them.

We offer a rich and interesting curriculum tailored to the needs of each student. We have a beautiful school and have created a specialist autism friendly environment. Our students are safe, happy and motivated to learn. They are supported and challenged in all their learning. Each year our students make excellent academic progress. Communication and independence skills are prioritised in all aspects of the curriculum.

Simon Eccles

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