Welcome to Spa Camberwell 

Welcome to Spa Camberwell. We hope this information helps you. 

Please get in touch with any questions if there is anything you need. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in September. 

Getting ready for September 

You can call and speak with 

Steph Lea - Headteacher and safeguarding lead 

Tennille Melbourne – Assistant Headteacher for Primary 

Rian Ehlers - Assistant Headteacher KS3 

Nusrat Raja – Office Manager. 

Call the Spa Camberwell office on 020 3434 5210.

Email officecamberwell@spa-education.org


Start of the school year 


We know everyone has had a long time at home since the lockdown. Starting school will be a very big change. Change can be hard for children with autism. We will make a plan with you that works for you child and keeps everyone safe and healthy. 


· We will talk with you to make a plan 

· Some students will just visit on their first day 

· Some pupils will come in the morning and some in the afternoon 

· Some pupils will build up their time in school over several weeks until they are ready to stay all day 

· Some pupils will start on a different day when things are quieter 

· All the staff will work together to make sure the pupils and their families are happy. 

Registration is at 9.00 for KS3 and 9.15 for primary classes. 

Any pupils arriving after 9:15am should report to the office so they can be entered into the register. 

Keeping in touch 

Each day class teams will write comments about your child’s day in the home/school diary. We will always phone you if we need to contact you. 

Do let us know any information we need each day to help your child have a successful and happy day. You can ring us or write in the home/school diary. 

Reporting absence 

Please let us know by phone no later than 8.50am, if your child will not be in school and send us a note with the reason for the absence on his/her return. (We are required by the DfE to keep these for attendance monitoring). We follow up first day absences if we do not hear from you, so as to ensure student safety. 

Pupil contact & medical information 

It is essential that the pupil information forms and the medical information forms are completed before the start of the term, so that we have a safe and healthy start to the school for your child. We must have emergency contact information before your child starts the school. 


We will provide your child with a Spa sweatshirt or fleece, and PE T-shirt. More uniform can be ordered for purchase from the school office if required. 

The school has a simple dress code; 

Primary Classes 

· Navy shirt/blouse/polo shirt 

· Green sweatshirt 

· Navy/grey/black trousers/joggers 

Secondary Classes 

· Green polo shirt 

· Navy/grey/black trousers/joggers 

· Navy fleece 

PE kit 

For PE, your child will need: 

· White t-shirt or Spa PE shirt 

· Navy blue/black shorts or joggers 

· Trainers 

School Travel Assistance 

If you require a Travel Assistance please complete the application form on Southwark Council’s website. Let us know if you need any help. 

For children that will be travelling on the Local Authority arranged bus, the bus company will contact parents/carers before the start of the term to tell you your pick up and drop off times. 

Bus transport staff are not allowed to leave the bus to escort children to their home, or across roads. This is because they are unable to leave other children unattended on the bus. 

If your child is currently receiving travel assistance from Southwark Council, the council will aim to review eligibility annually. If your child remains eligible following a review, the council will, wherever possible, look for a travel solution that promotes independence for your child. 

If your child is not going to be in school on a given day, please let transport know so that the bus round can be adjusted. 

Should you wish to contact Southwark’s Travel Assistance Team, their number is 020 7525 3931. Alternatively, you can email them on travelassistance@southwark.gov.uk 

School lunch 

Meals for all primary pupils are free of charge. You still need to fill in the free school meals form if your child is in primary. 

School lunch for KS3 pupils is £1.70 per day, which is £8.50 per week. Lunch money should be paid in advance to the school office. 



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