Spa Camberwell - Autumn Term Lunch Menu 2023

Autumn 2023










Meal Choice 1

Vegetable Spaghetti bolognese(Gluten, wheat)


Chickpea dhal and roti(Gluten, wheat)


Vegetable Shepherd’s pie(Milk)


Jollof rice and veggie curry





Fish goujons (Fish, gluten and wheat) and wedges

Meal Choice 2

Jacket potato, cheese(Milk) and beans


Quiche (Gluten, wheat,Milk and eggs)


Veggie rice (Soy and eggs)


Fajita (Gluten,wheat and milk)


Macaroni cheese (Gluten,wheat and milk)



Broccoli and peas


Sweetcorn and cabbage


Cauliflower and carrot


Baby corn and green beans


Peas and beans

Salad Bar


Greek salad(Milk)


mixed leaf




Italian salad(Milk)

Pepper sticks

Grated carrot



Mixed leaves

Pepper sticks

Avocado salad



mixed beans

sweetcorn salad


Mixed leaf

tomato and basil

cucumber salad  

Dessert Choice 1

Home-made fruit salad


Apple crumble (Gluten, wheat)


Mixed melon


Poached pears


Jelly (Sulphur dioxide and sulphite

Dessert Choice 2

Fruit or yogurt(Milk)



Fruit or yogurt (Milk)


Fruit or yogurt(Milk)


Fruit or yogurt (Milk)


Fruit or yogurt (Milk)

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