Pupils will continue to access relevant elements of the National Curriculum differentiated to meet their individual needs. They will build on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in the primary years as the curriculum emphasises increased independence and preparation for the future. 
Each subject in the secondary curriculum is taught separately with increased access to subject specialists. Pupils access specialist rooms and resources in Science, Cooking, Drama, Art and Music. 
Curriculum content is defined through schemes of work for each subject. The schemes are written by subject leaders and differentiated by each teacher to match the needs of each pupil. Each scheme of work focuses on a theme that lasts for half a term. There is a three-year long-term plan for KS3 and a two-year plan for KS4.  
Personalised learning objectives are set for each pupil in every lesson. All pupils continue to have a personalised weekly target in reading, writing, communication and number. 
The KS4 curriculum will prepare pupils for moving on. Pupils will 


  • be expected to work with a higher degree of independence
  • increase their community-based learning
  • have opportunities for work experience
  • be prepared for the transition to Post 16 learning

Accredited courses will be introduced. All pupils will follow an accredited ASDAN course and  Entry level qualifications in English, Maths, Science and Computing will be offered where appropriate. 

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