There is clear emphasis and direct teaching in each of these areas. Every pupil will have weekly personalised targets for reading, writing, communication and number. A whole school approach to phonics teaching will be in place. Pupils will be offered a variety of activities best suited to the way they learn. Reading will be taught using a combination of approaches including a high-quality reading scheme alongside The Power of Reading approaches. Pupils will access a broad range of high-quality texts and literature. 

PSHE and Social Communication curriculum will focus on preparation for adulthood and independence. 
Our PSHE curriculum will:

  • help pupils to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives at school and beyond
  • foster understanding of the nature of relationships and how autism may affect these relationships
  • develop citizenship and a respectful understanding of similarities and differences between themselves
  • develop online safety
  • support spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, behaviour, safety and wellbeing.

Our Social Communication curriculum is specifically designed to support our pupils’ individual specific communication and social interaction needs. Students rehearse and develop social skills to learn how to 

  • maintain and develop relationships
  • co-operate and work productively at school 
  • understand and be confident in the broader community.  

The Social Communication curriculum is planned through schemes of work which address key issues such as 

  • communicating needs and wants 
  • taking turns 
  • working as part of a group 
  • asking for help 
  • interacting safely in the community


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