We are proud that we are a Healthy School and have been awarded the Healthy Schools London Gold Award!

Part of our commitment to being a Healthy School is to ensure that all of our students move for at least 30 minutes every day and that each student eats at least one vegetable at lunch.

Over the past two years we improved our salad bar and now offer 4 different fresh salads a day. We offer two hot vegetables a day and as of September 2019 have gone meat-free replacing meat with Quorn, tofu and vegetables. We have fish on the menu three times a week, including a delicious salmon salad.

We have been proud of the positive results our meat-free menu has had. We have seen

  • an increase in staff eating alongside students
  • a reduction in students eating packed lunch 5 days a week
  • students eating more vegetables each day
  • an increased willingness to try new foods

Student surveys have shown that pupils enjoy the new menu and the current favourites are the lentil lasagne (Wednesdays) and jollof rice (Thursdays).

Movement and increased fitness remain an important target for all our students. We have increased the number of sessions students can use the fitness suite and have included it as a Special Interest for students in KS4 and 5 – and it is has proved very popular! Fitness data is now tracked in each session and students are set personal targets to beat. We continue to be proud that all of our students move for 30 minutes each day – if not more!

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