COVID-19 Parent and Carer information


The last 6 months has been an unprecedented time of upheaval, change and uncertainty.  Many of our pupils have been at home since March and we know the impact this has had on many of you.

Our full risk assessment can be click here and families are invited to read it prior to their child returning to school.

Any family that would like to discuss their child’s return is very welcome to contact Simon or Georgina by telephone or e-mail. 

To prepare for a full return of pupils in September, we have implemented the following changes. 

  • We have implemented Key Stage Bubbles.  This will mean pupils only have contact with other pupils and staff at school who are assigned to their bubble.
  • Each Key Stage now has their own lunch time, clubs time and break time.
  • Staff are assigned to only one bubble to minimise social interactions.
  • There will be no gatherings of more than one bubble – for example, Assembly will now happen remotely.
  • We have worked with Transport to ensure that pupils are only on buses with other members of their key stage bubble.
  • We will collect the names of visitors to site and will retain them for three weeks so that we can comply with NHS Track and Trace.
  • We have installed additional sinks and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers around the school.
  • We will be teaching all pupils good hand hygiene and all staff will reinforce this.
  • We will not be expecting pupils to socially distance from pupils in their class groups.  We will encourage those that are able to, to socially distance from others outside of their class group.
  • We will support friendships outside of class groups to be maintained in a socially distanced manner.
  • We will contact you if a member of staff or pupil in your child’s class group has suspected symptoms and will inform you immediately if that results in a positive test.
  • We have changed arrival and dismissal times:
    • Independent travellers and those arriving with parents and carers are asked to arrive between 8:45 and 8:55.
    • Independent travellers and those collected by parents and carers will be dismissed at 3:05.
    • Those arriving via Transport will arrive at school at 9am and dismissal will begin at 3:10.  It is anticipated that dismissal will take slightly longer than normal, at least for the first two weeks.