Dear Parents and Carers  

I hope you and your families are well and safe in these difficult times.  

I am writing to let you know what will be happening over the next six weeks until the end of term.  

Pupils who continued to attend school throughout lockdown: We have had an average of 20 pupils on site each day throughout lockdown. 9 pupils have attended full-time and 26 have attended part-time. Those pupils will continue attending on their current days and most will be in the same class group until the end of term.  

Pupils who will return to school in the week starting 8th June: We are looking forward to seeing another 22 pupils returning to school for June and July. A number of key stage 5 pupils will be returning for one day a week and other pupils will be returning for two days a week. The number of pupils on-site in any given day will be between 27 and 35. The pupils will notice changes at school, including the timetable and separate breaks and lunches for each key stage.  

Pupils staying at home: 50% of our families decided they would prefer to keep their children at home this term. We are continuing to have weekly conversations with you, which include signposting some of the online learning material available. We are also continuing to deliver fortnightly work packs to each pupil. We miss the pupils and look forward to seeing everyone back at school in September. 

We are still here for you whether or not your child is attending. If you have any concerns about school or if there is anything else we might be able to support you with, please get in touch. We are never too busy to help.  

 Best wishes, Simon Eccles, Headteacher

 p.s. Have you seen the new short videos on our website? They are worth a look!